Reading list: Mindfulness books

DISCLAIMER: THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS IN THE TITLE OF EACH BOOK. Hey guys, as discussed briefly in the previous post, have opened up about practising mindfulness and meditation on a daily basis. I was going to share a list of mindfulness books that I currently have. Since I have brought these books, it has … Continue reading Reading list: Mindfulness books


Mindfulness and meditation

I don’t know what I am going to title this blog post so let’s have a conversation about something that I have been practising more consistently. Mindfulness and meditation. On a daily basis, there’s of noise inside my head, I needed to find something to do to make the noise halt to a stop for … Continue reading Mindfulness and meditation


There has been something that I have seeing on social media a LOT that has now become a domino effect. Which is that celebs are being cancelled by the minute. This has been because of old but offensive tweets that has been coming out of the wood works, which is actually getting more draining at … Continue reading CANCELLED!, CANCELLED!, cancelled?

LISTEN to the younger people.

So far there has been 50 stabbings in London (and counting), Theresa May has turned a blind eye as Brexit is somehow more important to her than many lives being lost due to knife crime. So much racism has been going on at universities. In June, it will be a year since the Grenfell Tower … Continue reading LISTEN to the younger people.

Qwhite a surprise (!): CV that was written in slang gets an applause.

Surprise, surprise. Another episode in the continuous series of white privilege in 2018. When applying for jobs you would need to have a CV with correct spelling, grammar and to be written at a professional standard, even writing a short email to the job recruiter, it would need to be grammatically correct and professional too. … Continue reading Qwhite a surprise (!): CV that was written in slang gets an applause.

Open Letter Series: Entry Eight: Catch – up.

Hi there, It's a while since we caught up. How have you been? How it's going? Anything new? How was your hibernation? What have you really been doing all this time? The reason that I'm asking you all these questions is because you really have been a bit quiet. I understand that there has been … Continue reading Open Letter Series: Entry Eight: Catch – up.

Beauty Of Dark Girls: The Blog

Hi there, This post is a quick PSA. As well as I create content for my lifestyle blog, I have a second blog which is called Beauty of Dark Girls. If guys don't know, I have an community called Beauty Of Dark Girls which battles Colourism and lets young dark skinned girls and women share … Continue reading Beauty Of Dark Girls: The Blog