Why and how self care is becoming popular. 

When young teenagers(and young adults too) browse through social media and see what's trending, possibly 98% of the Time, it will be followed and talked about for a long period of time. Even though I have breaks off social media, something positive( for a change!)has been trending for months, through different social platforms.  What has … Continue reading Why and how self care is becoming popular. 


Just a bit stressed and overwhelmed….

You may of actually been wondering , "Why hasn't hadjj  posted as often as before?", or "What happened to that blvckiscarefree blog?" as before I would post regularly and I had a schedule as too. As welll as creating blog content, I'm also a full time student which means exams to revise For, deadlines to … Continue reading Just a bit stressed and overwhelmed….

Open letter for 2017

​At this point of reading through this letter you might think that half of what I'm talking about is pure BS. Following on from last year, it's honestly been eventful, but near the end you've made changes. From starting BODG and attempting to seek closure from your past, 2016 has been quite the year to … Continue reading Open letter for 2017