Black creatives :2017 will be a start of the start of an exciting and never-ending era.

SIDENOTE: For America, I hope that your Black history month was lit as it always is. Since the end of 2016, there as been more and more black creatives coming on the rise; whether it's photographers, bloggers, youtubers ,Dj's, MUA's, stylists;you name it. the fact that we're increasing so rapidly is amazing and I've never … Continue reading Black creatives :2017 will be a start of the start of an exciting and never-ending era.


3 Great Ways to Reconnect With Yourself Through Self-Care: By Amber Janae 

This link will follow on to Amber Janae' s blog post

Stay strong Karruche 

Since the situation with Karruche filing an order of protection against Chris Brown has broke the internet,I've seen the comments being made about it and what I'm going to say about it is that I'm disgusted and that I'm so glad that she got a restraining order against a man who is unbelievably dangerous. The … Continue reading Stay strong Karruche 

#BeautyOfDarkGirls Series Request?

From the first two series it was about how darkskinned are shown in the media and famous or successful darkskinned people that you appreciate and your reasons why. For the next series of BODG, this time around it's going to be from your requests! This is because it's been going well, you guys have shown … Continue reading #BeautyOfDarkGirls Series Request?

Serious Question 

(The title may throw you off lol, but it'l make sense later on)  This question has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel the need to just get it out, and from what I heard from others; they make seem like it's easy to get over it. The question I want to … Continue reading Serious Question 

“Not to sound racist, but I don’t like black girls.”

I'm sure you've heard this phrase, over and over and over and over again; and the reason you're most likely to receive 99.8% of the time is "I don't know, I just don't." Just to keep you from wondering THIER actual reason why. 10 times out of 10, what they said was highkey racist and … Continue reading “Not to sound racist, but I don’t like black girls.”

I apologise

I apologise for not posting recently as my blogging schedule was supposed to be twice. So far I owe you one from last week and two for this week so that will come shortly.