There’s been a huge number of black girls missing in America..

Over the weekend as always, I was looking and lurking on social media and I saw something that was trending out of nowhere. 64k girls are missing? Or lower? Some say 17? Some say 34? But what I’m concerned about is that why isn’t this breaking news on every news channel that there is? This should be everywhere? How do people actually have the nerve to ask “are they really missing?” 

If there was at least 3 white girls missing, it would of been an immediate top story on the news, it would of been trending in less than 15 minutes let alone an half an hour and the investigation would of been the top priority for the police officers. 

From the girls that has been named and reported as missing, if you know something, please speak up, regardless of how big this story this is in America, it’s big to us. And to our community wherever we are. Without any action being put into place, the hashtags are nothing. If you see something strange anywhere you go, whether it’s to the shop, school or on your way home, please let everyone know and give them advice too. It would be so helpful. Thank you.
– hadjeleyzacabi 

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3 thoughts on “There’s been a huge number of black girls missing in America..

  1. I love this post. 1 missing is already one too many. I agree that our black community deserves more than what we get. I love that you as a Queen have spoken up and made a statement about these issues. Please go check out my posts from a Queen to Queens.

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