Open letter series: entry four

What are you doing at the moment?Seriously?. You’ve always been complaining how you have no money. You’ve always been dreaming of how successful you wanna be in the future, owning multiple businesses of your interest, becoming a fly wife and mum with the most flyests kids in the world. 

You still wanna have a career in media right? But at the same time you want to build your personal brand, making a name for yourself so won’t be working for someone else; from reading articles and watching videos about being self-employed from Youtubers and socialites that you look up to, and from what they’ve said. It sounds fun, but it can be overwhelming, lonely and stressful all at the same time because working freelance and being self employed is 24/7 meaning that there’s rarely a day off. 

Are you actually sure you’re ready for that? I mean, no disrespect but you can get easily overwhelmed. Seriously knuckle down in school, finish your coursework, even if it means that you’re off social media completely. We get it. As long as you get your best grades we understand, you need to leave that school anyway, it’s too toxic for you. Then when you’ve completely finished school, you will have all that time to think about being employed, starting your brand of ‘hadjeleyzacabi’. 


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