Connect,Collab, Promote

This year, one of the targets that I have set for myself is to start connecting and collaborating with other creatives and bloggers with a similar interest to mine. From doing this it will give us both gain
the exposure that we need so that we can be able to work with larger brands and with more popular creatives and bloggers.

As a small blogger, I’ve been blogging for ten months now, I would say that I’ve learned quite a few things about it. If you know why you want to set up a blog go for it! But when creating a blog there’s some questions that you would have to ask yourself: what will be your purpose for this blog?, When collaborating with other bloggerd, how will this benefit the both of you?, What will you gain from this? At price are you willing to promote products​ and other brands, clothing lines and products?

Nowadays more and more bloggers are connecting and collaborating with each other which I am so happy (especially females) of the fact that we can work together without petty arguments,beef. We just work professionally together.

– hadjeleyzacabi
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