Open Letter Series Entry Five

You’re slowly getting there. Really you are, and I think that the biggest issue with yourself is that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Sometimes​ just take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come with yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Recently you’re on a social media break and so far you’ve been off social media for 6 days. Maybe you can make this longer and go a temporary social media break. Besides before Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat your life was more simpler. Watching your favourite TV shows on repeat because you was that anti-social and watching long hours of the big bang theory was your way to laugh out loud (literally). Other that you know why you need this break (*coughs* school *coughs*) you’ve set a date of which you want to be signed off which also means that you have to work QUADraple as hard in order to be signed off. I know it’s hard but when working in class, refrain yourself from watching TV shows on the side, even from funny YouTube videos as well. Refrain yourself from that.

Have you been trying anything new ?, or are you picking up positive things that you’ve stopped a long time ago? I’m so happy that you’ve gone back into headspace. When you first started using it, it helped you so much, you’ve learned so much from meditating and realising how important it is to take ten minutes out of the day to meditate.You can honestly say that meditation is the key to having a healthy mind. Oh and there’s something else as well. I see you working out. Even though not a lot of people know about it, I do. Your arms and booty are progressing well especially by taking progress pics, you would be able to see where you are progressing.

I don’t have much to say but keep going. By entering a new era of peace and wellness, it shows that you’re growing as a person and becoming a better you.

– hadjeleyzacabi

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