iReccommend – a new series

Since I’ve started my journey of blogging, I’ve received so much positive feedback and positive words of encouragement; with that I am honestly grateful that I have people​ who taking the time to read my posts, leaving comments below and sharing them.with others too. So with that I am starting another new series called iReccommend, which will be series of recommendations that I will share will you guys whether it’s apps that I use on my phone, lifestyle tips or motivational quotes.

First recommendation: headspace 

Headspace is a meditation app which is very popular among others users who are​ also my age. For me, whenever​ I search for new apps to try out, I would read the written reviews to see thier honest opinions and thoughts about it. Another reason that I downloaded​ headspace was because I was starting a journey of self care, wellness, mindfulness and peace.

When you have installed this app you will need to make an account ( or there’s an option of signing in with either your Facebook or Spotify account.) To get used to the app, you will be able to have 10 free sessions​ (which is called take 10) with some of the sessions​, it has animations for you to watch before the session will start (especially for the first session as it will introduce you to what headspace does)


In terms of the mindfulness​ and meditation. This is the number one app to have on your phone. It’s truly amazing, and after you have completed your first 10 sessions you can choose to subscribe to it monthly, yearly or even permanently. I’ve only used this app for a year and there has been a lot of changes for me, especially as I’m a student; when I’m stressed I go straight into headspace. As I’m starting a new series of recommendations, I would really recommend you to download this app.

 – hadjeleyzacabi

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