Breeny Lee: Appreciation Post

I’ve actually been wanting to write this post for a while but I was waiting for the right to share this post with you guys.

Breeny Lee is someone that I follow on social media. She’s a fashion blogger, YouTuber and someone who I strongly look up to as well. In her YouTube channel, it’s full of videos. From lookbooks, makeup tutorials to hair reviews, vlogs and a series of “let’s talk about it” when she discusses the things that is either wrong or is currently going on in our society and generation. The reason I look up to her is because, even though she’s seen on social media as “perfect” and “a bad bitch” she always reminds us that shes human, and speaking of being human, recently she has started another new series called soul surgery. 

Soul surgery is a new series that she has started on her YouTube channel. The reason that she started soul surgery, it was go against the beauty standards, to show women that we don’t need make up,long hair or the most expensive clothes to be considered beautiful. Here’s the first episode of soul surgery. 

Since she has started soul surgery, she has received a lot of feedback and there’s even articles about the movement too. 

As well soul surgery, she always encourages us to have a healthy relationship with ourselves (and with God, if you believe in him) because by looking after ourselves and talking care of our inner selves, it can reflect on how we treat our friends and family.  

Breeny Lee is one of a few Youtubers that i feel is open and honest with herself and wig her fans as well. 

  – hadjeleyzacabi 

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