Dear ’18

Dear 18: There's only eight requests that I want from you, nothing drastic, just short and sweet. Treat me well, that's all I'm asking. Teach me on how to forgive those who have did me wrong. Make me realise that it's okay not to be okay. Teach me on ways to stay consistent from '18 … Continue reading Dear ’18


At this point.

At this point, us black girls. We're not angry. We're not upset. We're not furious. We're just tired. Tired of not being listened to, tired of not being heard. Tired of being told to "just get over it." Tired of "always using the race card" to include in any situation. Tired of being overlooked and … Continue reading At this point.

You’re almost there..

Here's a piece of advice: It's not the end of the world if you don't achieve your targets or goals in a certain time. It's okay if you're not where you want to be in your life at the moment. Even if you have a busy life, please try to find time for yourself. If … Continue reading You’re almost there..

I was the black girl…

From 2010 up until 2015... I was the black girl that was nervous about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I was the black girl that was always getting dragged for filth purely because of my skin tone. I was the black girl who always kept her thoughts in her head because she was scared of saying it … Continue reading I was the black girl…

Open Letter Series – Entry Six: Fall 2017

Your life is good right now. Literally. 19 years since you came into this world. You've been through a lot, it's been time to give yourself credit; which is truly a problem. You don't actually realise how great you are. You know more stuff that you think. Where did that spark go? That passionate spark. … Continue reading Open Letter Series – Entry Six: Fall 2017

How was your July?/ Plans for August?

Hey guys, it's hadjeleyzacabi and I'm just writing to check up on you guys. July has come to an end and August has now arrived. How was your July? Now that summer is officially here, in the UK the weather has fallen since late July, it has really got us taking trips to mostly Instagram … Continue reading How was your July?/ Plans for August?

Mindfulness: creating a safe bubble

Hey guys I'm back with another post and this post will be about three words that are popular and positive too. Although there has been distressing events happening back to back, I hope that you guys are enjoying your 2017, and since the new year I've been living by three words to make sure that … Continue reading Mindfulness: creating a safe bubble